Hi everybody,

It's been a while since I seriously played. I don't really remember all the technical stuff I use to know a bit, so I prefer to ask what's your opinion, rather than relying on my memories.

I really enjoy earing and playing shred, rock music. I like playing jazz and blues too, but above all, I really love to ear and play Satriani and Paul Gilbert.

I'd like to change my gear : a new guitar (I have just an old one), maybe a new amp, some pedals, etc...

So here are my questions :

1) Naturally, I've looked for Satriani and Gilbert's signatures.
Ibanez JS2410 MCO -> What do you think of it ? Is it really that good for its price ?
Ibanez FRM100-TR -> And this one ?

2) Are there other guitars that you could advise me to take a look at ?

3) Where can I buy something like that ? Thomann on the internet ? An other website ? Or a real place (but where ?)

4) What kind of gear should I take ? I really don't remember much of anything, I'd really appriciate some kind of help and reminder.

I know these are difficult questions, especially because I don't remember much. That's why I prefer to talk before I buy anything or make any decision.

EDIT : I almost forgot :
5) What kind of advise could you give me to take good care of that kind of gear ?
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i'm guessing the js2410 is pretty good since it's £2k. The other japanese Ibanezes I've tried have been pretty good.

I haven't tried the paul gilbert either, but it's pretty dear for not being made in japan, IMO.

Signature guitars tend to be expensive, as you're also paying a royalty to the guitarist. Unless it has features you need which aren't available on another guitar, you can often get as good guitars for less money.

A Prestige RG or S would be worth considering, in other words.

EDIT: do you need an amp, too? what's your overall budget?

Thomann is pretty good, in my experience. Whether it's sensible buying online when you haven't played for a while is debatable- as you need to check the gear is in good condition etc. which is much easier if you know what you're doing. if you do know what you're doing, with any luck, it'll be fine (but things do sometimes go wrong, like with anything).
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I'm aware that Signature guitars are more expensive than the other (and worth buying only if you are a fanboy :p or if it has something unique that you need) but thank you for reminding me that

But I don't know what kind of guitar can be as good without the signature. I'll look into the Prestige ones, thanks.

I'll need a new amp, yes (I have two places to live, and my amp is a Marshall MG 100 DFX, not the best to move around every week) and my budget is around 3.000€ (around 4.000 US$)

But I hear you and yes, I would rather test the gear in a real store, I just have no idea where that stuff is, and i prefer to know a bit what I'm looking for, and choose between 2 ? 3 ? 4 ? gears, rather than going in a store without any idea.

I already did buy something online without testing it (a BOSS GT-10 multi-effect pedal) and I know what it's like not to test something : it's scary :p and with that amount of money at stake, I'd rather test the gear before buying it.
Rule #1 when buying any guitar is to play it. Don't rely on my advice here. Go and try one!

I have the Fireman TR and it's seriously brilliant. It's very very different from any Ibanez guitar I've played. I am by no means an Ibanez fan, I find the necks WAYYY too thin and I'm not a fan really of any of their other body shapes. But as soon as I hit chord one on my Fireman I know she was coming home. The FRM100 is a REALLY good all around guitar. I can get searing lead tones, super crisp cleans and everything in between. The Pickups are immense, build quality is perfect, everything is top notch! The only thing I'd change are the tuners, and that's only due to the fact I prefer the feel of the Grovers on my Les Paul.
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Thanks for your feedback

Once again I agree : I'd rather test the gear before buying it, especially at that price. I just wish to have some advice to know where to start looking