Hi !
I have a question. My guitar is connected to the USB interface ESI UGM96. Is it possible to control Reaper by Line 6 FBV Express MKII. My audio interface has no input Rj-45, only Jack. Is the usb is good enough?

Thanks in advance!
If the FBV is listed as a midi device on your computer, it'll work with Reaper.
I honestly need to get an FBV myself. Want to use it to turn effects on and off as well as a wah pedal.

Loads cheaper than the stealth pedal and has more features control-wise too.
I don't think so, it uses a frigging ethernet cable (I mean which dipshit thought that up?) so if you were to try to connect it to your computer it would think it's supposed to be a network connector (you know, what ethernet was DESIGNED FOR!!!)
I think Ethernet is only for communication with Line 6 products. For example, to calibrate FBV need only a computer USB port.
You should plug it in with the usb. then when it is recognized by your computer go to reaper, options, and then find midi devices, find the name of your unit, and enable it for notes and CC if I remember correctly.

then you'd have to 'learn' the parameters.

As for ethernte. it's solely for pods and amps by line 6. they just used the jack I guess not the actual ethernet protocol