Hey guys,

Ive got my Jackson JS1 and am looking to convert it from a twin pickup guitar,to a single pickup guitar.Im thinking i can remove the selector switch,the neck pickup,and just leave the bridge pick up in.Im going to swap it for a better quality humbucker with new volume and tone pot-with an added kill switch.

My question is,would it be ok to do this?Im looking for a guitar mainly for metal,rock playing and never use the neck pickup anyway.

Any help is appreciated.

Yeah you can. Malcolm young use to put a sock in his greach where the neck pick up was.
Why don't you just wire in the killswitch and the new pup instead of tearing it all out? You may need it someday, and you would at least have the option of using the neck pup.
Yeah this doesn't really make sense to me either, what is the advantage of disconnecting the pickup when you can surely just leave it with the selector in the bridge position. I guess you want to use the old pickup selector hole? In this case just use the old selector switch you already have (a new switch will probably be a different size). To do this simply disconnect the unwanted pickup and switch the lug to an earth wire; yeah you will have two positions that do the same thing but that's no big deal.

If it were me I'd just buy a switch and drill a new hole, but each to their own.
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