as title says, i know it's not guitar related but it hasn't stopped me before, nor anyone else for that matter and i'm sure there's no rule about what you can and can't advertise (other than obvioulsy law, like weapons and drugs and stuff)

anyway on with the post, i'm high on codeine so let's see how this goes

basically i've got a new camera, Canon EOS 550D and so no longer need my Fuji Finepix S1000fd bridge camera hence the sale

12x optical zoom
2.7 inch LCD
movie mode
panorama shooting mode
Face Detection
image stabilisation
Full Manual Control
continuous shooting mode

comes with box, manuals, cables, discs, Duracell Batteries and a Kingston 4GB SDHC card. the only thing that is missing is the neck strap, if i find it i'll include it, but as it stands, unfortunately i don't have it.


price: £50 delivered to the UK (£45 if you collect it from me) PM me if you're outside of the UK and wish to buy it and i'll give you a quote for postage.

it's a good camera, and i'll be sad to see it go, but there's no point in me having it and it gathering dust when someone else can make full use of it.
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.
price drop to £40 delivered, £35 collected
Belief is a beautiful armour but makes for the heaviest sword.