A local guitar shop has a used left handed Ibanez Prestige RG1570. I've always wanted an Ibanez and the owner offered it to me for $700 with a case and a complete setup. I think that's a fair price, but I wanted to hear other people's opinions on it too. I've done some internet searches and there is one used left handed on eBay for $579 + $50 shipping, but then I would likely have to pay to have it set up (I'm not ok with doing it myself). $700 would be a little more, but with the piece of mind that I've seen, held and played the one I'll be getting from the store.

Any thoughts on this? Things I should look for? I have the serial number but I'm not sure how to look up info about the guitar using it (a Google search turned up nothing).

Thanks in advance, I appreciate any constructive advice/info you can give me.
Not to sure about left handed 1570s but I have seen used right handed ones going for anywhere from 400-500 USD. Depending on the condition that might not be a bad deal especially if they are doing the set up for you. Others might be able to weigh in a little more. While on topic, you might see if you can find an older RG550/570 which are great guitars.
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Thanks for the info! Is there a good source for comparing different models of Ibanez guitars?
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