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I'm looking into having a guitar custom build at least as far as hardware, pickups, etc. etc. goes. My main (and only) guitar right now is an ESP LTD EC-1000 with EMG 81s. I'm looking for something that has a lot of balls to it and in some ways an unpredictability like some single coil and humbucker guitars, but also a clarity like I've heard in some Gretsch's. I'm not sure if this is doable, and obviously the wood choice will have an impact, but I'd love to get some feedback from those who have more experience than I. I've never really had much money to try stuff out, and the guy who makes these guitars is a friend of a friend, so I'll be getting a pretty good deal. I love my ESP and it's great for cranking things all the way up, but I'd like something with perhaps a bit more versatility and rawness to it, if that makes any sense.
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HSS Strat maybe?
Or an SG/LP with P90s?
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1) what is your budget? I am currently going through a pair of custom build projects, so I'm pretty aware of how you can run amok- I added $1000 to my project by the materials I chose!

2) what can you tell us about the guy making the guitar? Does he limit himself to certain shapes or woods? Parts suppliers? Are you going for a custom design or customizing one of his standard designs?

3) what are you planning to play? There are all kinds of good pickup makers and all kinds of mixes you can come up with.
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Did you explain your requirements to the builder? He should have some recommendations on how to achieve the sound you want from it.
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Lace makes good pickups. I haven't played those in particular, but they should be pretty decent.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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Strap on, tune up, rock out!
if you aren't sure what you want, I'm not sure getting a custom is the way to go. resale will be terrible (just the nature of the beast, unfortunately), and as such, you should only really go custom if you never envision selling the thing. which is not the case if you don't know for sure what you want.
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You said that you want some rawness. I play simple-ish rock and roll with no effects. I like the cranked tube sound, going from rowdy Link Wray up to Sex Pistols. Washburn 423 or 623 bridge pickups do that very, very well. They have quite a bit of edge to them. I don't know how they do for other genres but for straight up rock and roll guitar, they're scorchers. There's a guy on eBay selling unused 623s for $16.80 delivered price on eBay right now. I've bought 3-4 of them so far from him and they are unused. They still have the plastic stuck to the front. Just put "Washburn 423 623" in the eBay search box and he'll pop up.

If you want even more of an edge, get some no-load pots. You can bypass your current pots entirely to hear what they'll sound like before you go buying blindly. Regular pots do dampen the sound. I wish I had known this waaay back because I probably could've gotten more gravel out of a couple of otherwise cool guitars I sold off.

Anyway, good luck.

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