Hi guys,
I'm thinking of retubing my bogner alchemist combo, power a pre amp tubes, I want maybe a bit more of gain and mid range but don't want to lose the "darkness" and also don't want a compressed distortion. Any opinion? I already saw the JJ and tung-sol tubes and they seem fine

JJ is your best bet if you want dark.

Also, distortion=compression. No way around it.
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Tubes aren't going to change the characteristics of your amp. Differences are very minor, and way too far from consistent enough to be boiled down to a science.
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Id get one Tung Sol 12AX7 and a JAN Phillips 5751 to experiment with and then the rest JJs. They really decent well made tubes for the price. Everything else may be a bit suspect unless it is NOS. There are some decent Shuguang, Sovtek, Grove Tubes and Rubys out there but to keep it simple just go with what I said.
I had mine for a year and the power tubes were really starting to become microphonic and whistle alot, so I replaced them with some Groove Tubes 6L6s I got 20 years ago, but never used - just sitting in my basement in a box all that time. I also put 2 Sovtek NOS 12AX7s into V1 and V2 and it's really perked up this amp. I really like it for a smaller rig.
I agree JJ ecc83 are good and the JAN-GE/Phillips 5751 are good also.

The New Mullard 12ax7 are actually a really good tube that are worth having around
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