The bridge pickup on my LP studio 60's has been cutting out recently. It's only when I swich to the neck pickup, then back again. I don't think it's a wiring issue, because the neck pickup never cuts out, even when the bridge pickup has no output.

I can get the bridge signal back if I play harder, but sometimes it comes back on it's own. I play with a pretty heavy picking hand, so I think I might have damaged the coils/knocked something loose in the P-90. Here's a soundclip to show you what I'm talking about.it starts on the bridge pickup, then the neck, then bridge to show the drop in output. I do it twice to give a better idea on whats going on.


Now, I've been thinking of swapping out the pickups for a while, especially now that it's giving me problems. I've been flip-flopping the GFS mini humbuckers, the GFS mini filtertrons or the GFS Soapbar 180s

I'm looking at these because I like the P-90 sound, but the hum does get annoying. I've heard that these get in the ballpark of the P-90's clairity and bite. I'm not sure on what output to go with in either case, though. I use a compressor to hit the front end of my amp a little harder, and I like having a pretty nice clean sound, so I'm tempted to go with the vintage wound for that reason.

That being said, I'd like to know what I can stand to improve by getting the overwound versions of the pickups. Mostly, I'm looking to tighen things up on the gainy side of things and keep my clean sounds defined and jangly. I've heard that high output pickups into high gain is a no-no for definition, and other people have said it does wonders, but I've never had the chance to closely A/B similar pickups with differing output for myself.

Thanks in advance for any information you can share.
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Pickups are next to never the problem, and trust me, a heavy picking hand isn't going to do anything to them other than scuff them up. Pickups are arguably the most durable part of a guitar.

Most likely the switch needs to be replaced.

Try simply resoldering the bridge pickup to the switch first. Reflowing the solder might be enough to fix the problem. If it persists, then replace the switch.
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