Hi all my wife bought my a les paul epiphone standard. its called a Standard plus. it was made in 2011 and was an old stock I bought.

Seems it wont stay in tune with a few good bends. I don't do anything weird. Ace frehley and mick mars type solos and I thought it should stay in tune better. Any advice? The tuners are grover. This is my first guitar without a locking tremolo and I must say I am nervous about buying a Gibson for this reason/
First up, make sure you string the thing properly and have more than one or two winds around the tuner peg as the string can slip. Secondly I find its normal for my LP's tuning to move around for a little while after restringing. It also will go flat or sharp over night aswell with changes in temperature and humidity etc. Usually its the G string that goes flat on my one which has more to do with natural resonant frequencies of the string so Ive been told. If theyre old strings and it just does it all the time, then I dunno without seeing for myself. It could be binding on the nut if its still the cheap arse plastic one that Epi uses. My ones have bone nuts and don't bind. Costs all of $30 to have a nut carved.
Are you stretching your strings when you change em?
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A Nut replacement is the most likely issue. Epiphone standards are great guitars, but the nuts are less than desirable. The tuners are almost never the issue.