Hey all, I wanted to sell my used epiphone les paul because I never play it I'd much

rather play my tele. It's in excellent condition no scratches the only problem is the bridge

pickup doesnt work anymore. I don't really want to pay to get it fixed. How much would

that take out of the value? What would be a reasonable price to sell the guitar? Would

anyone buy it?

I'm sure somebody would buy it, since pickup problems/swapping is generally fairly easy. I would lower the price though, just in case the pickups are shot and do need to be replaced.

Honestly, I would open up the back cavity and look for faulty wiring. Might be as easy as re-soldering something that came loose.
if its a standard epi, put it up for between $300-$325
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Broken? Not much.

I'd put it up for $200 ONO.
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