Hey all,

I've made leaps and bounds in my drum writing and producing abilities, but one thing that's still pissing me off are snare rolls in SD2. One of my song has a few 32nd note rolls at moderate tempo and it sounds fake, even after tweaking the humanize options in Superior Drummer 2. I think my snare sounds good when it's not being rolled, it's just the roll sounds fake. I'm using the Metalheads expansion.

Tips for better, more realistic drum sounds in SD2 Metalheads?
Depends on how complicated you're willing to make it. Whenever I had a snare roll or fast kick drum part, I would solo that particular drum and render one-half of the notes into an audio file, then render the other half to a separate audio file and down tune it very slightly. Sometimes I would have three or four tracks of just a snare with three of the four being VERY slightly pitch shifted (and each track containing a unique hit of the snare). A little extreme but to me it sounded worlds better. Also try to vary the velocity of each note a little bit, that should help out as well.

Part of the problem that I found with humanizing is notes that overlap don't seem to trigger very well. Try alternating the notes between different piano roll keys. I believe their are four or five different keys you can use that each trigger a snare hit. Try putting the first one here, the second one there, third one somewhere else, etc

Hope this helps!
Is the MIDI programmed or from a MIDI Kit? if it's from a kit then I haven't a clue (most of those are velocity sensitive now) but if it's programmed I would be willing to bet you haven't humanized it properly.
By that I mean don't bother with SD's inbuilt humanize options, actually go into the MIDI editor and set the velocities yourself. Set the roll hits around 10-20 points apart with each one, and generally set them lower than the rest of the track. Once you've got those set, use the MIDI editor's humanize function to randomize it a little (better than SD's because it's consistent and you can change it).
If you aren't happy with SD's humanising you can do it all yourself.

Midi data can be easily manipulated for velocity, timing, note length and so forth. SD automatically uses different samples to avoid 'machine gunning' so that should be right. Rendering the files to do some small pitch shifts (as noted above) could also help.

But really, you need to explain the problem better. What's wrong with the rolls currently?
If you can't explain it; than upload an audio snippet.

Generally, I find SD's humanisation features quite sufficient for demos and the like, even with rolls - so I'm not sure what your problem is. It might be that your velocity is consistently too high or something like that.
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I experimented with it a little more and found that if I check it to alternate between left and right, then set the left snare articulation's pitch down just slightly, that helps out quite a bit.

In terms of velocity, I typically mix my kit for 90 velocity and then run a randomize event function to set them between 85-95. Can someone give me more insight into this, such as whether or not I should be using more of a range in velocity, whether or not the velocity to volume option should be checked on, and what a good average velocity would be for rock/metal type music?

As for the specific problem, it just sounded like the same (or almost the same) sample being repeated really fast. I do have the "random" and "semi seq" options checked in and now the alternate option with the slight pitch difference.