Ok so today after i changed my strings and setup my guitar i started having probms with the sustain actually its kinda been like this ever since i first set it up bit just not as bad but when i play power chords they dont really sustain that well normaly on a d andg string and normaly its upper freets two but that aside it kinda sounds weird now its like after they fade out u hear the note barly saustaining but its like the vibrations are coming in and out it sounds almost like a phaser or watever sorry if this questions confusing im half asleep right now
Read this first: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punctuation

Applied to your writing:

Ok, so today after I changed my strings and setup my guitar I started having problems with the sustain. Actually its kinda been like this ever since I first set it up but just not as bad. When I play power chords they don't really sustain that well on the D and G strings and normally it's upper frets too, but that aside, it kinda sounds weird now. Its like after they fade out you hear the note barely sustaining but it's like the vibrations are coming in and out, and sounds sort of like a phaser. Sorry if this question is confusing I'm half asleep right now.


Sounds like your strings are fretting out, or possibly that you have improper neck relief (if the issue primarily occurs on the upper frets). Try to describe exactly when and where the issue is happening to get better responses.

PS - If you're falling asleep, go to bed. Once you've had some proper sleep, wake up (not just conscious but actually awake) and ask your question. If you've just woken up, drink some coffee, do a few laps around the den, and write once your head is clear. Rambling, run-on sentences don't tell us anything and don't help you solve your problems.
I think that may be the longest post with no punctuation. There was not even a period in the whole post.
The phaser like sound is probably an intonation problem. Google how to intonate your guitar and see if that helps reduce the wobbling sound. You're more than likely never going to get perfect intonation, but you can get it close enough.

It might also help to know what type of guitar you have. If it's a cheap guitar then sustain/tuning will usually be big issues, and it might not be worth it to have the guitar set up. If it's a high quality guitar then I'd say go ahead and take it to have set up.
Quote by lambofgod127
Ok so today after i changed my strings and setup my guitar i started having probms with the sustain

Buncha questions:

Did you change string gauges or brands from what you had on there before?
Did you check your frets for level?
When you "set up" your guitar, what did you set up, exactly?
Did you change the bridge height?
Have you touched the truss rod?
Are you tuned to standard pitch or downtuned?
How close to the strings are your pickups when you press the strings down at the highest fret?
Do you know how to check your relief?
Your restringing technique probably sucks.
Google how to restring and set up your guitar.

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