Well, im not TOO proud about the quality of the recording, im recording just by line in... Using a lot of plugins to shape the sound better, and using my love for the basses to make good music ... Here is my soundcloud link:


I just organize that, put a set with my Post Rock tracks, other set with the Bass Solo tracks and the final set, with Jazzy/funk/fusion things. I got too other music around the profile... Anyway, if you put your soundcloud in a reply here, be sure i will check it out, because i will follow you haha.

Ciao! Keep grooving
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "
Hello Aaron, thanks for checking the soundcloud! And well, you are right, sometimes are a mistake messing around there haha... When i can get my interface, surely i will record it seriously. But, anyway, you should tell me about what song are you talking about haha, there's is a LOT!...

Anyway. I did check your stuff, i leave you something in the thread Cheers!
" Living the world as the music makes me feel "