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Pursuit of Vikings - Amon Amarth
5 36%
Wonderfilled - Owl City
6 43%
Between Belial and Satan - Satan's Wrath
2 14%
Ride On - AC/DC
1 7%
Voters: 14.
Hola guys

Another month, another CATPM competition. Try to vote for accuracy instead of your favorite song.


Pursuit of Vikings - Amon Amarth (DisarmGoliath)

Wonderfilled - Owl City (Metasponge)

Between Belial and Satan - Satan's Wrath (SaintVitus)

Ride On - AC/DC (TV-Casualty)
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Disarm's seemed right on the dot!

Thank you!

I wasn't going to vote on any of the voting threads I'm in, so I didn't skew it one way or another, but Metasponge voted for me and I liked his (even though I haven't heard the original) and the vocals on it, so have returned the favour
Hey, look. Sigs are back.