Saw this ad and it really caught my attention. Im in the middle of a Squier mod project and all im missing is a decent neck for it, and unfortunately around here the market is annoyingly thin for necks. This looks like a really good deal, and if the pickups/electronics suck, then i can just take the neck from this thing. Alternatively, i might just make a Squondo frankenstein and put the pickups from the mod project into this and call it a day. Anyone know anything about Hondos, in particular the Deluxe 760 series like this one?
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I have a "Hondo II" H77 Strat copy, I think it's from the early to mid 80s. It's at least as good quality as the higher end Squiers of today maybe even as good as some MIMs. The body is made of solid wood that seems to be decent quality and the neck is really nice. The one downside to it is the stock pickups are terrible. Someone who owned it before me put a Seymour Duncan humbucker in the bridge position, so I just don't use the neck and middle pickups. But I think they're really hit and miss, because I've heard the majority of them are just your typical 80s entry level plywood junk. Mine might be a rare higher end example or something. I got it in a trade and don't know a ton about it. Hope I helped out a little.