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I am new to the forum and it seems this topic is already a bit tired, but I got scared reading all about these Chinese fakes. Even more so, when I actually saw very rare guitars being faked. For example, I have an original Kiko Loureiro Tagima K-1 and I just saw one sell for $250 from one of the Chinese manufacturing sites. Scary!

In any way, I wanted to ask you about my ESP M-II which I bought a few months ago, is it fake or real?

Apologies again for the tired question, but you guys are the experts, so here it is:

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How much did you pay and where did you get from?

Looks 100% real to me BTW

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Bought it from a guy who plays in a band here (Montreal) The original ad was on Kijiji). Paid $1,300.
Tom 1.0, thanks for the prompt reply!

BTW, what would be the key things to watch for an ESP M-II? Are there any specific threads on this that you guys know?
They aren't usually faked.

Though things like the quality of the routing and wiring are always things to check.

So if the way it plays and sounds.

The shitty fakes are usually pretty easy to spot.

1977 Burny FLG70
2004 EBMM JP6
2016 SE Holcolmb
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Looks 100% real to me BTW

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They aren't usually faked.

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That looks pretty real to me. If you've kept it for the last couple months then you should know if you like it enough to pay $1,300 for it. Based on those two facts, I say it's the real deal. Congratulations!
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If you want a specific thread go over to the ESP website, and get on the forums there. They have threads for all of their guitars as well as real/fake threads. Mostly you want to look at the quality of it. When I got my ESP I could tell right away it wasn't a fake, because I had never seen something that was put together so well. I could not find a flaw on it, and still can't after owning it for almost a year. Also the serial number should read SS1301101 as in Standard Series, 13 (year made), 01 (week of that year), 1 (day of the week), 01 (guitar made that day.) So the number I provided was the 1st guitar made on Sunday, Jan. 1st 2013(Just made it up for and example.) So your guitar was made on Friday, August 29th 2008, and was the 52nd guitar made that day. Seems legit to me.
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