So I just bought a cheap little Behringer UCA 202 to record directly from my bass. Unfortunately I didn't do my research and I can't really the levels right without using my Cafe Walter HA-1A headphone amp to cut the signal first. But I'd much rather have the headphone amp free to monitor my playing against the track. As I have it right now, I can only listen to the track through my headphones while playing the bass silently or monitor the bass through the entire setup (HA-1A -> UCA 202 -> Laptop -> Turtle Beach Sound Card -> Sennheiser headphones) with signifcant delay. Do I need some sort of preamp to do the job my headphone amp is currently doing so that the device is free to monitor my bass directly? Can you guys recommend something?

Here's my current setup in:
Bass -> Cafe Walter HA-1A -> Behringer UCA 202 -> Laptop USB
And out:
Laptop -> Turtle Beach Audio -> phones (track only, or track + monitor input w/ significant delay)

Also, on a related note, I'm having a really hard time keeping the audio/video in sync. I can get it set up for the first couple minutes, but the video always seem to speed up (maybe its dropping frames or something?). I'm using VirtualDub for video and Audacity for audio and Windows Movie Maker to merge the two. Any ideas? Can you guys recommend some better software for this?

Below is my first two recordings. I'm content, but its really hard for me to play anything harder without being able to hear what I'm doing. Would love your constructive criticism on anything (playing, recording, etc.) Personally, I hate the tone on the electric. What can I do to improve it?

I Could Die For You : [forbidden link]
Bell Bottom Blues : [forbidden link]

edit: forbidden links go to youtube. My user name is laxatives
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I don't know about the video, but you got yourself a couple of problems with that interface.

That interface is designed to work with a line level signal, meaning that the signal going into it should be at a certain impedance and a certain level range.

Yes, you need a preamp basically, so you can bring your signal to the right level and impedance.

Have a look at the ART one, or the Alesis TubeMic pre if you can get yourself some 1/4" jack to rca connector.
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