I just plugged into jam a bit, and my Classic 30 isn't making a sound. It was working fine an hour ago. I noticed a bit of a wobbly sound once while playing earlier and thought that it was strange. It went away, and I didn't think anything else about it.

What's wrong?

EDIT! : I switched the ends of the guitar cable I was using, and it magically started working. So, what's up with my cable? There is an annoying rattle in the amp too.
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I'd say its a broken/loose wire within the cable.

I would just pick up a new cable, if I were you.
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Tube amp combo's are prone to a bit of rattle due to having a speaker right next to the tubes. I would re-seat all your tubes and see if that helps to start off with.

Not sure what year your C30 was made but I know when I had mine I had to invest in a tube tamer to stop the rattle, I think the new ones come with some kind of sponge to stop power tube rattle.

Just lastly it wouldn't hurt to have some spare tubes that you can swap with as it could also be a microphonic tube causing this.
Get toms tube tamer. I used it when I had a classic 30, the rattle was really bugging me, worked great.
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