So I just got the Boss RC-3 and this is my first time playing along with rhythm so I'm still learning everything from phrasing, scales, and playing with my own guitar rhythm.
Anyway, my RC-3 is going to my Line 6 Spider IV(would have gotten a better amp if i known at the time)

My problem is when the loop is playing, and I play over the loop. My lead playing seems to cut out the loop i had set.
It's almost as if the amp can only play either my loop, or the lead.
I want it to where my lead playing is louder than the loop playing, but when I'm playing the lead, I still want too here my loop in the background, as it should be!

I've messed with my amp and RC-3 settings a little and I cant find it out. Even when I turn the loop volume up, still my lead guitar playing over the rhythm cuts out. do I maybe have too much distortion on, or mid or something I'm not sure about?

Any help is appreciated, thanks.
The loop completely cuts out or is it just so muddy there is no clarity?

If the loop is completely silent when you're playing it's the pedal and good look with Roland.

If its too it's a clarity issue, tweak the amp to as clean and barebones as you can get it, try looping, go from there for tone.
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