Hey guys,

I live in Australia but have family flying to America in a few weeks, they're doing the touristy thing, going to LA, NY and Vegas I think.

I really want the digitek whammy DT and it's quite a bit cheaper over there,
From looking online eBay seems to be about 80 bucks cheaper than any store there, I just don't know what stores to look up,
Has anyone got any ideas as to where or what shops to look out for to get this pedal!
Take your pick. Any store that sells Digitech products should have them.
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I'd say Guitar Centre would be your best bet. They're a chain store so there should be one in each of those cities.
I got my Whammy DT off Ebay for much cheaper than any store that carries them. I couldn't find anywhere that sells them any cheaper.
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Quote by bassmastamitch
I got my Whammy DT off Ebay for much cheaper than any store that carries them. I couldn't find anywhere that sells them any cheaper.

Yeah ebay is a good source but shipping here is sometimes expensive, plus the fact that the Australian dollar is no longer in parity with the US dollar. It would be cheaper for his parents to buy it while they were over there. It would save him shipping at the very least.
Damn LA and then NY? Thats a long haul...

LA should have TONS of music stores. I'd start with the big chains like Guitar Center. GC can be kind of hit or miss with pedals... the one near where I live sometimes doesn't have certain things in stock and they'll "order" it for you so you can pick it up in the store.

If I were you, I'd do the following:

1)Google the hotel your family is staying at, and find the closest guitar store (a big one like GC)
2)E-mail them and see if they have the pedal in stock. If they do, sometimes you can have someone reserve it for you, set it aside, etc. If they don't, they can order it and have it waiting in the store when your family arrives and they can pick it up in store (I've done this with GC before with specific tubes for my amp).

If Google is tricky (and hard to figure out whats close in a massive city like LA), just e-mail the hotel. A concierge or even just a front-desk person can probably let you know what is the closest music store, since they have an intimate knowledge of the area around the hotel. Just let them know the situation and that your parents are staying there (which should entice them to be extra helpful).
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+1 to "screw that noise...15% off...shipped to hotel...saves on tax...no need for guitar center"

Edit: Make a more specific thread with the pedal and city you're headed to. Maybe someone on this site could help you out personally, ie; if you were going to Cleveland ( ) I could meet you at the rock and roll hall of fame, with a digitech whammy (I'd do it "at cost" for a fellow ug'er from across the planet), or show you where the whammy's are.
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Also, if you did want to go with purchasing it off ebay, you might be able to have them ship the pedal to the hotel. I know you can ship packages to hotels since I've done it for my job (tradeshow at a hotel, ship stuff like brochures there and have it waiting for me when I arrive so I didn't have to lug it with me on the plane).

If you e-mail the hotel and they're cool with holding a package (which I'm sure they would be), thats another option.
The Guitar Center on 14th Street in Manhattan has a great pedal selection. And there are smaller shops that stock hundreds of pedals.
I hope they plan on flying. LA and New York are ridiculously far apart. These cities are huge as well. I have friends in Europe that just don't comprehend how big the US is. I live in Virginia and they made sure I was okay when that huge tornado hit St. Louis. Australia is rather large as well, so maybe this confusion doesn't exist.

OT: There are several music stores in major cities in which pedals can be found. Just tell them what you're looking for and they'll likely find it in large music stores.
Guitar Center won't be even close to the Ebay prices. I don't know why they run so cheap (I haven't seen any other pedals with markdowns close to that) but it's something to take advantage of if you really want this pedal. Shipping to the hotel would be worth the effort for how much you'll save.
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I play bass in an instrumental band called Beyond the Woods
Guitar Center and Sam Ash are the two big stores that usually have the most in terms of selection. NY has some really good independent stores, just look them up in the phone book and check their selections online. I remember one called the 22 Street or 20th Avenue store that was incredible...(any New Yorkers on here?).I recently went to Chicago and they have the Guitar Exchange which was a quality of store that you generally don't see. Lots of vintage and hard to find brands and great selection of boutique stuff. For example they had some Les Paul boutique builder guitars that were of equal price to the original but of a much better build.

Vegas has Ed Roman's store which seems to be iconic but I hear Ed passed away so not sure...
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Guitar Center is your best bet if you're having family pick it up for you.
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Screw all that noise. Use a 15% off coupon at Prymaxe and have it shipped to the hotel. Saves on tax as well... No reason to buy from GC.
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Quite a few GC horror stories...a buddy of mine that runs sound for a living calls certain GC as on his tour stop needs to supplement one of his speakers that has blown a tweeter. Certain douch* picks up the phone and confirms that yes, they have brand and model and will hold out for the client. Client arrives next day, the guy is nowhere to be found. Another employee searches for the equipment, takes about an hour just to discover that the piece of gear saved for the customer is the lesser model of the same speaker. After a search of the area he is sent to two locations that claim they have it, he visits both and only in the second one the piece of gear is finally found....so don't expect wonders, i.e. if they don't have it for your relatives on the spot, tell them to walk away. BTW, you can haggle on prices in GC as in most other music stores, so a discount could be in order.