Hi guys, I have been playing acoustic guitar for some time at home and in church, and am exploring how to add color to the tones of the sound for fast and slow songs, strumming and plucking. I know there are tons of effects pedals for electric guitars but what about acoustic guitars? Any must haves for acoustic guitars?

I was looking at the Boss CH-1 Super Chorus. [forbidden link]
Any comments on this? Whats the difference between this CH-1 and CE-5?

Any other pedals that work really well with acoustic guitars?

Many thanks
i dunno about prdals but, my acoustic amps( Roland AC60 and AC90) both have all of the acoustic effects you'll ever need( unless your in a death-metal church choir). a little chorus and a touch of reverb is the most i would use.
need more gear and a lot more talent(courtesytuxs)
Fishman (www.fishman.com) used to make acoustic specific pedals. Delay, reverb and chorus are the most commonly used. I have seen people using an octave of some kind to add a little oomph to the sound (sub octave). Kurt Cobain famously used his Boss DS2 during Unplugged (Man Who Sold The World) and chorus (Come As You Are). The latter most likely being his EHX Small Clone.
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im sure iv seen a little multieffects unit designed for acoustic
Yes. Zoom have the A2.1u and A3, Boss has AD-8 and TC Electronic have the G Natural. There's probably quite a few more that I can recall at present.
It's an opinion. It's subjective. And I'm right, anyway.