wow, havent posted in a while. i'll get back to all ya'll.

magnets and sugars pull and push us
from the sweeping precipes of everything at stake
to everything possibly gained;

eyes like clarity and words,
promises, spoken word monlogues
others have said
with the subtle inflections

of painstaking detail.

at any moment,
brought forth for review
in a new light
the city sinks;
my heart
throbs. we circle both
like a river skirts the riverbanks

like being passionately in love
like remembering being passionately in love

i am convinced i have only shown you
the better pieces to my puzzle.
get up.
let's walk.
there are memories being soaked by
the rising tides
we have to catch every possible falling thing,
sinking thing
while holding and placing the other things
back into place.

i promised you all of this,
didn't i?