I'm about to buy Fender Standard Stratocaster (Mexican) and I was wondering if you can tune it to Drop D without a problem ?

Quote by Bassface7
Yep, no problem at all.

I've been told you have to take it to a set-up to make it capable of Drop D...

Are you 100% sure?
It's one string down one step. You don't need a setup for that.
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Quote by Offworld92
It's one string down one step. You don't need a setup for that.

So what I need setup for ?

how about half step back ? do I need setup for that ?
You would need a setup if your strings were too high or low, if you are experiencing fret buzz, or if you were changing your guitar's tuning radically- for example, from standard (EADGBE) to my personal favorite alt-tuning, New Standard Tuning (CGDAEG).
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You don't need any setups my $100 fender starcaster can tune as low as drop c last time a checked. poor guitar never gets played any more :'(
u should be fine i've tuned half a step down then drop d, i think maybe once or twice i went a whole step done and it was ok if i recall correctly on my mexican start no problem
There's a bit of an issue using alternate tunings such as drop D with strats if you have the trem set to float, because when you tune down the E string, it causes the bridge to pull back a little making all the other strings go sharp, and a bit of fine-tuning is required before you get it in tune.

so, what people mean when they say the guitar needs to be set up, is the trem needs to be set up so that it's resting against the body so it can't pull back any more.
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I've tuned mine to ostrich tuning (C#C#C#C#c#c#) without much of a problem...you should be fine.