I was just looking through craigslist today and I saw an MIJ squier tele, which I'm guessing was made in the 80's. Any idea how much those go for nowadays? Because the guy is selling his pretty cheap.
quite a bit, at least here in europe.

probably hit up ebay's completed listings. also make sure you're comparing like with like. those japanese guitars were often available with different specs and different prices, and it's often hard to tell which is which (which sellers take advantage of, they always seem to assume the model they're selling is the absolute most expensive model unless proven otherwise ).
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I couldn't really tell you exactly what they are worth but I own a 80s Squire telecaster and I can say the quality is actually really good. It was my grandfathers, he was twice the guitar player I am and that's all he ever needed and he played in many country bands.

80s is kinda vague but if you can find a 80s MIJ Squire Tele for cheap I would reccomend pursuing it.
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