So I took a trip to Guitar Center and was really trying to get a feel for what amp would really work for my tastes of music as of late. I've decided to go the Orange route after hearing a bunch and playing through a Rockerverb 50 mkII head and 4x12 and an OR15 and 2x12. I consistently like the tones I hear from Orange amps.

Well, I decided that a clean tone wasn't completely necessary, as I've become accustomed to rolling off volume on my guitar or using a volume pedal to clean things up (that's how I do it in the studio when tracking). I have a Vox AC15C1 that has the sort of chime and sparkle I like for cleans and lower gain stuff, so I'm just looking for crunchy goodness that cleans up a bit. After some playing around, my choices seem to have become a bit muddled. I'm looking at, and I'm torn between these guys.

OR15-Needs a cab, but that's fine. Has great crunch sounds and can do the gritty low gain dirty clean thing. Has an fx loop, so I can choose between cleaner time based effects via the loop or more gritty delay via the front end. Seems to handle boosting from mild overdrives pretty well.

Rocker 30-Has a dedicated clean and overdrive channel, but no fx loop. The crunch sound seems to sound great, but the clean sound is heavily dependent on the type of guitar you use, which might make things difficult. No choice but to run delays, reverbs, and modulation into the front end which isn't always the best sound.

TH30-Seems to have a great clean sound and a pretty nice crunchy sound (if slightly sharper and more modern). I played on one briefly and thought it was pretty good, I have to explore it more. It also has an fx loop, which is great. Overdrive is more modern, but seems to have decent range.

Tiny Terror-It surprised me, but it sounds good. You are pretty much stuck with either low to medium gain rock and blues crunch, or slightly dirty cleans. There is no fx loop. I liked the sound a lot, but it might only be useful in a recording context, unless I decide that dirty delays is okay live (it might change my style of playing). It might also be a bit underpowered as it seems slightly less muscular than the OR15.

I will be using for mostly my brand of modern indie and alternative rock, with some heavy moments and experimental math/rock post/hardcore thrown in. Maybe a bit of pop/rock and pop punk for fun here and there.
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I'd go with the Thunderverb 30, personally. Plenty of gain to do anything you throw at it, and a good clean channel, too. Just got a Thunderverb 50 this past week and it kills.
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Definitely TH30.
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I can vouch for the TH30. The clean channel in half power mode with 2 output tubes might be what you're after. It breaks up really nicely and cleans up equally as nice. The drive channel is pretty versatile. Takes pedals really well, also.
Sounds like you like the OR15 the most. Have you tried an OR50? There's no effects loop but I thought the HF Drive knob is what made the amp great for me. It's a single channel amp but you can disengage the master volume for a clean sound.

And if you're getting Orange, I have to recommend ordering from Humbuckermusic.com. Their prices are much cheaper than other retailers and you don't pay tax and shipping.
i own an OR50, i thought i was much better than the OR15 i tried out (in fact it has been my favorite orange i have tried so far). but with the options you want it seems the TH30 would probably be your best bet.
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I wouldn't discount the Rocker 30 if it's available to you. Mine sounds awesome, really love it.
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While the TH30 is a great amp i think you should give the OR50 a shot. I personally love that amp. I own a RV50 MKII which is phenomenal for what i do, but i think the OR series would be the best shot for you imo. Also try out the AD series they have stellar crunch tones.
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I suppose the kind of dirty sound I want is something akin to the sort of tone a lot of pop punk bands get even though I wouldn't necessarily be playing pop punk. I would dial the gain up a bit when playing heavier stuff and roll it back when I went for more string clarity. Remember that if I want really sparkly tones that could be dialed in to the cleaner side, I have a Vox that sounds great for that. It wouldn't be bad to be able to get some warmer cleans out of the Orange, but I mainly want great crunch sounds for tones from pop/rock and indie to harder rock and heavy alternative stuff.

Seems like the TH30 is getting a lot of love. I'll have to revisit it. The cleans and crunch were definitely usable and the high gain tones were pretty nice. I still like the idea of the Tiny Terror for certain tones, but the TH30 and even the OR15 are more versatile across the board. The OR50 does seem like it has some nice tones, but I really would like an fx loop. I like to experiment with delays and maybe run one in front and another in the loop so I can have different textures.
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I sold my TT and bought the OR15. I love it. Plenty loud and the fx loop was key for me. I think it cleans up pretty well, for what it is. Your needs may be different, though.
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