I can improv solo to a backtrack or chords but it sounds very mindless and meaningless with out the backtrack. With the back track it flows well but sounds like crap without chords behind it. I know all my modes/Scales but have a low amount of licks (most of them blues). What I'm best at is blues or rock ballads, I like both of those but I want to be able to solo somewhere around rock/metal/neoclassical. I have speed with hammers/Pulls but cant alternate pick multiple strings. I can come up with riffs that make sense alone or even with a backtrack. If any one can help me...
If it is an actually song, learn the melody of the song. Then forget about all of your scales and use rhythmic variations of the melody along with some interesting passing notes, stylistic bends, doublestops, and mabey a few licks.
Many songs use the same chords, its the melody that defines a song.
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Thanks this helps a lot. And if there is no melody, just make my own???

Yup, as a soloist you have freedom to do that. This is very common in jazz, and you cant really go wrong because the melody was written t sound good. You arent flying aimlessly either.