nice playing! like the tone aswell, might have to look into the Ds-1. Love your strat, makes me miss owning one! Never heard this song before either, i like it!
There is no ds1 in this video its literally just a strat and a supersonic. Tho I do like my ds1. But this distortion is the amp, all the dials to the right.
Solid cover! You can never go wrong with covering a song from the Zac Brown Band, haha. Your tone sounds a little rough, but I'm going to attribute that to your recording equipment, as I often run into the same problem. As usual, your playing is spot on. Just from watching the video, I got the feeling that that chord progression looks somewhat difficult to remember (due to the fact that there are so many different chords being played at a generally fast tempo), but you handled it like a champ!

Your framing is excellent, though could be zoomed in just slightly. Lighting is a little dark, in my opinion. Pause the video right at the end of 1 second in (right when the screen really brightens up, for whatever reason). If you can get the colors to somehow stay like that then you would be in excellent shape! (P.S., sweet Johnny Cash poster, haha)

Good work man!
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I turned down the brightness because when its on 0 it starts to wash out everything that's white. My Reverb tank is broken on my amp so its disconnected, usually my tone is much smoother than that but with a broken tank i get no reverb to smooth it out and make it sound nice.
Nicely done, man! I dig the chords you're throwing around in this song, but I also feel that the tone of the guitar could've been different(don't know exactly how, though). I think your chords are very nicely handled, but I think your lead playing could use some work. I think working on some vibrato and bending might make the solo parts shine even more. It should be noted that I have not heard the original, so I don't know how it compares to your version. Nice work, man!

PS: Thank you for commenting on my vid, and very nice guitar!!
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your guitar doesn't sound as good here as it does in your other videos. It's a real muddy tone that I'm not sure fits the song. as has been mentioned, the video is a little dark. your playing is great, the video would just be that much better if your tone sounded better. sorry to sound harsh!
c4c? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=31725425#post31725425
I appreciate the feed back, I think the tone is due to my lack of reverb on my amp (my tank is broken) and the fact I had a pedal between my guitar and amp, and even tho it wasnt on, you can hear the change in the sound.
Very nicely done man! Really enjoyed!
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