Having played guitar for the last 3-4 years, I've mainly played Ibanez RG's or Ibanez S series guitars and an old acoustic. - When I say "out grown", I'm referring to my skill level, not my physical size. - The last few days, while playing my Ibanez, I've gotten the feeling that the neck was actually too thin. It seemed almost uncomfortably thin - specifically while playing on the lower frets. When playing the same riff on the acoustic or any other guitar with a thicker neck I've had no problems. Am I being overly fixated when I play my S470, or is it time to sell it? Anyone else experienced this?

Note: I've never been very big on shredding, the fastest stuff I play is Hendrix.
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i wouldn't say you've necessarily outgrown it, but if you don't like it or doesn't suit what you play, that's fair enough, kind of thing.
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Comfort has nothing to do with your skill level or what you play. If your guitar is uncomfortable to play, then you need a new guitar.
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I wouldn't say you have outgrown it, rather that your tastes have changed. Happens to nearly everybody, and just means that a NGD should be in the future.