Hi guys,i have a problem with my martin acoustic,i am getting a buzzing noise from my E&D strings when picked open!i've recently fitted new strings and now hearing this noise from i think inside the tuning keys?non of the strings are touching any frets and the nut and bridge have been renewed only a few weeks ago due to wear,any help would be much appreciated,thanks.
probably just the nuts on the pegs. should be able to snug them up without a problem. it's a common problem
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hi,i've tried tightening up the nuts and it's not sorted the problem,could it be wear on the plastic washers?
did you try tightening the tuners with a screwdriver? it could be they're just bad and are coming apart. i've had to replace tuners before.
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Hi,ye i've tightened the nuts and tuners with a screw driver and still no joy
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