Overall pretty good playing! The leads at the end were a bit off, I duno if it was the tuning or just a slip up in your playing but it was kind of noticeable.

Maybe you should record direct into your comp? The original track sounded really clear but your playing sounded like it was getting the audio from the camera. Could help the overall quality, but was pretty solid.

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My audio is definitely off the camera I dont like my tone going into the pc direct. Its got loads of treble and it doesnt sound good. The end, I litterally had to learn by ear/improv. so its not quite right. Thanks.

Checking yours out now.
Not too bad! We've discussed your tone in previous threads, so I won't spend too much time there, but I think that it matches the song a little better this time around! Playing is tight and concise as usual, and the black and white effect looks pretty good, in my opinion. You totally rocked that solo at the end too, haha! But overall, this cover is looking pretty good!
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