Hi everyone,

I've recently become interested in bass. I'm looking to trade my old electric guitar in and swap it with either used Schecter Elite 4 from GC for $207 or an Ibanez Gio from Craigslist for $100. Both seem to be in pretty good condition.

I played guitar for 3 years, but I only recently realized I was most interested in rhythm anyway So I have a decent handle on guitar, but not much after that.

Do you have experience with either one? Which is a better deal/idea? Also, do you have experience w/ the Peavey Basic 112 amp? For $110, it seems like a pretty good deal.

Thanks in advance for your help!
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I vote for the Schecter. The Stilletto Elites aren't bad at all.

Don't know anything about the amp.
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Schecter, I had a stiletto studio 5 on loan from the guitarist of the first band I played bass in (this was before I had my own bass) and it was an excellent sounding and more-so playing bass, for a fiver it had scary-low action. Pretty light-weight and had a decent pre/eq for a low-mid priced bass.

My current bass is an Ltd B-205 a friend found in the trash that I fixed up; I converted it to passive (removed everything but volume and blend)It has the same model EMG-HZ pups as the stiletto had. I've found I like the sound of them better without the pre/eq for the stuff I play.