i have a couple guitars, all in different tunings. My guitar in c standard plays very nice in my opinion. i have it equipped with custom set of (10-15-24w-32-40-52). I was hoping someone could help me getting the same string tension of a guitar in d standard and eb standard
Since different tunings result from differing tensions on each string, it stands to reason that each tuning is going to involve different tensions, unless you get a custom made set of strings for each tension. I doubt that you would be able to do that. I am afraid you are stuck with each tuning having a different "feel" while playing. It is the nature of the beast.
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Are all three guitars the same scale length? Scale length can have a massive impact on how the strings feel as it will make some tunings easier or harder, retaining the same string thickness.
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If you want it to feel easier to play then go to the next lighter string gauge. Keep in mind that this will require a claw adjustment on your floyd system.

If you want the strings to not be so loose then up the string gauge. DR strings makes a set specifically for drop tunings (sizes .013, .017, .022, .042, .056, .065) which also will require a claw adjustment.

If you keep your current string gauge then one tunings string tension will always feel different than another.

Hope that makes sense...
Yup, you'll have to calculate out the string tension yourself and get a set of strings (probably custom/individual strings) that match. You'll want to check the neck relief and give the guitar a setup after changing gauges.