Hi, i bought this used guitar (ibanez gio grx40) and the 10th fret on the G string is making an annoying fretting noise, and when i bend there's nearely no sound at all. I tried setting the bridge but it didn't work.
All the other frets are ok and bend perfectly and the fretboard seems fine. Please help?
Upon further inspection, when i play the 10th fret i can see the string touching the 11th fret. the frets aren't worn out or anything and it's the only spot on the whole neck where this happens.
Check to make sure the neck isn't warped. Sounds like you may need a truss rod adjustment.
Yeah that could be a difficult problem to solve. I've had guitars do that before, and what sometimes helps is to raise the strings up from the fretboard a bit. How you do that will depend on the guitar you have. It can usually be done with an allen wrench.
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