so here it is, tell me what you think of it so far. i tried to make the guitar sound like a leslie in space basically. i'm using a blacktop strat into a EHX stereo electric mistress flanger/chorus pedal and then stereo out into two amps mic'd with two pencil condenser mics. then i just added some bass which is just direct into a tube pre amp, and the drums are me playing live midi drums, which i know goes out in a couple of spots but it's just to get an idea for when i do real drums and bass.

other effects were done in ableton live lite, which is just reverb, and a couple of different delays. i also added an ambient background midi part, also just done in ableton. any other questions or comments, just post em and also C4C.

Hi, if this is to be an opening song on your album, then either keep it short, or add some other lead line or vocal over the top of it. As it stands its a bit too uninteresting for an opening song. Guitar sound is quite spacey - so think you have achieved the sound you want there. As you know it needs more on the drums (variation, changes, fills, etc). You could also do something quite interesting with the bass, as it has lots of room for it.

hope this helps
well yes, it's just a rough bare track for now, there will be vocals and lead parts. i just played along with the track live with midi drums on my keyboard, i'm too impatient to actually make a loop and create fills. it's limiting the way i did it, but i'll record real drums later with more fills and not as rigid as midi drums. i just wanted to make a rough version to try and get a feel for the song so i know what i want to do when i record all the real parts. i'm playing, arranging, writing and singing everything on this album so it's just easier if i make a basic version of the song so i can think of ideas or get other input from people (hence posting it :P).

the end of this song is actually going to trail off a bit and lead into another song. i worked out some effects that make the track sound like a trip out in a way or like you are going through time or something. there will probably be a short intro to this as well. i kinda don't like how it just starts out of no where. anyway, thanks for the input.