VERY VERY cool cover! I though I was listening the original solo. What distortion (pedal/software) are you using? I'd love to get that sound!
Cheers, will get round to your c4c tomorrow Ludo, just going to bed now.

Guitar was run through a line 6 pod xt. Modern high gain amp model with the screamer stomp box. I can give you exact specs if you want but it's pretty useless unless you have the same setup
Hey man! Did you learn this song by ear, or did you follow a tab? From what I can see in the video, you bend strings using one finger? I would recommend bending with two(or three) fingers when you bend. David Gilmours guitar playing relies on a lot of soulful and powerful bends. I also see at some point in the video that you slide down on some notes, instead of bending up to them. I would recommend bending up to them, as this is the Gilmour way and it sounds better and gives you a lot more room to go crazy with emotion.

Another thing I think would improve your playing is if you focus on working on your vibrato. A good vibrato is what seprates the men from the boys. David Gilmour is one of the premier guitarists to look for when it comes to vibrato. Listen to his playing in the opening solo of Shine on you crazy diamond, for example. Your vibrato is a little shakey, it's sounds a little stressed out, where as Gilmours vibrato is smooth and in control.

Personally, I didn't like your tone, I find it too..."cottony". But to each his own, I see you got some positive feedback on it in this thread, but I think this solo needs a sharper edge to its tone.

Don't take this critique the wrong way, I think you did a decent job in the video, but you've also got a lot to improve on(which is not bad at all, that's the fun thing about guitar). I also love the Floyd and Gilmour is my favorite guitarist, we've got a lot to learn from him in terms of technique.

C4C? https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?p=31720108#post31720108

It's a compilation of me playing four PF solos, but just choose one if you don't feel like commenting them all :P
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I'll reply to your comment here and C4C on your thread. Combination of tab and ear. Will practice the 'multiple finger bend' thing. Yeah I need to work on vibrato I'm a nervy guy at the best of times, then get some pretty annoying red light syndrome when recording haha, will keep at it. Yeah I'm not much of a tone buff, and the tone in the original is almost flawless. So crisp while still having that drive. Might help having a single coil neck pickup. C4C on it's way!