I wrote this song and revised it, but could still use some crit.

*This song is inspired by my aspirations to defy the American dream and the way of the privileged 1'st world mindset. There are billions of needy people in the world and yet, the richest 15% of the worlds population (those who make 10,000 usd or more a year) barely do anything to help the other 85%. I wrote this song as a reminder to me to keep on my journey, even if it seems hard or stupid at times.

Wake up
There's a hard stone path on an abandoned road
You've got miles to go
And where, you don't know

Feel it
Breaking up the dawn
Winding down on up ahead
Coursing through your core and in your skin

Rub it from your eyes
The tired earth is not your home
The children of the capitol
Are sticking with their kin

The ants are marching lines again
They follow
They don't know

Cure the addiction
Chase it from your soul
Erase all of what you think you know

Comfort is in high demand
When need is obsolete

Hold fast
Feet are only human still
The sun beats rays against your back
The wind weathers down your spine

Look up
The season calls our labor's skill
Not what you can but what you will
Even rusted minds revive

Some paths we have to walk ourselves
All life will wither in due time
One second here is all we have
Do not live blind

The ants are marching lines again
they follow
they dont know
...it was bright as the sun, but with ten times the heat