So I've had a Fender Squier neck lying around for a while and decided to finally build something. I wanted to make a travel guitar that I could use both acoustically and electrically and that would be very sturdy so it can take some abuse. Most travel guitars don't have a full scale neck and I've definitely never seen one with a full scale neck that isn't pretty large or has a complex folding mechanism.

So my thought process brought me to the idea of building a solidbody guitar, for the sturdiness and ease for travel, with a resonator to allow it to be played acoustically. Before I begin I wanted to ask some questions on resonator guitars as I've never personally played one.

I know there are already solidbody resonator guitars. Can those be played acoustically? Since they don't have sound holes is there just a hole in the back? And would a small resonator (6-8in) be loud enough to pay acoustically?