hey guys:
I'm a guitarist and I'm using EZDrummer to help me with my projects, there's a hit-hat trick that drummers like you guys do but I don't know what's it's name:
drummers play on the hit hat very lightly, it makes a small whispering sound, it's not a trick actually.

if you knew what I meant, do you knowwho to make it in EZDrummer?
a few 16th ghost notes maybe?

You give a vague description, if you can post a drummer doing it or a song where it's in I can transcribe it for you easily.

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dude, I'm not really a drummer as I told you ,I am a guitarist, I don't really care about backbeats and these things, I just wanted to know what's that trick is called
I do you mean, like, a small cymbal swell, but on the high-hats?
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I would assume he means "sizzling " the high hats , high hats played with pedal partly open and mostly closed