Hey all, this seemed like a great community and I figured I may as well hang around, as well as ask for some advice

Basically, I'm going to be picking up a second hand (But in good condition, and cheap) ESP LTD SA-2 guitar. It works out great for me because I'm a fan of Richie Sambora, but I already know that the ESP LH-150's that come with it sound... Well, terrible to say the least.

I've read that Richie uses DiMarzio PAF Pro humbuckers, but I couldn't find any information on specifics. Does anyone know or have a suggestion as to which I could have to get close to his tone? I also have a HSS Mexican Strat which I modded a while back with a DiMarzio DP151W, I do like the tone but anything as close to Richie's sound would be a big plus.

For what it's worth, amp-wise I'll be playing through a Marshall Valvestate VS100 Combo.

Many thanks!
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