I am looking at purchasing a midi keyboard (up to £250) to use with Reaper / Ableton as using the mouse to map MIDI is pretty boring and I want to feel like I am making music.

From reading reviews online I now seem to think this is the one to go with:

Roland A-300 Pro

I have tried to look for videos on this but it is very limited for some reason.....

I have also read of people complaining about the quality and price of midi keyboards in general. Is anyone aware of the quality of the Roland?

It has also been suggested that below may be the option to go with:


Does anyone have any suggestions or advice?
Roland make good products in my experience. Those two are awfully small, but if you are just looking for a bass controller.....

Most older semi decent synthesizers will have MIDI. If you want something you can also play as an instrument, you might look at just getting a used synth with built-in MIDI. That way you can get features like velocity sensitivity or possibly aftertouch.

The nice thing about a dedicated MIDI board is that is you are using a virtual synth you can assign the buttons, knobs, and sliders to a function of the synth. You can get VS and AT on a midiboard as well but not usually on cheaper units.

I have a Roland keyboard that I used as a controller and the keyboard has velocity sensitivity and is very durable.
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