Hey guys,

I have a chravel amp and reccently when I turn it on, the amp powers up, but there's just no sound that come out of it. And when I turn it off, just before the power totally cuts off, it work briefly. Any idea on whats the problem?

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Is this a tube amp or a solid state amp? Can you link us to more info on this amp as I think most of us have not heard of it.

Usually, if a tube amp powers up but doesn't make any sound/tubes don't light up then that can often be indicative of a dead HT (high tension) fuse. Because you do get some sound when powering off, tells me you have either a power tube problem or power section problem - but without more information it is really difficult to diagnose this over the internet.

Some of us here will be willing to help and at least get you started.

Where are you located? Can you get us some more info on this amp? I've never heard of a chravel amp.

PS: I'm not an amp tech.