I received the Focusrite 2i2 today and have been trying to figure it out for hours now, I've installed everything that came on the CD, and I've used the instruction booklet to help but I am not getting any sounds? I know it's hard to explain via UG but any advice at the moment will help!

So on my Logic I've got the Input device as: Scarlett 2i2 USB and I've got the Output as: Built In Out Put.
And on the actual interface I'm plugged onto the second input where it says scarlett 2i2 and the lttle switch on INST. On the far right on the monitor i have the 48v as a red light and Direct Monitor as ON.

Each time i pluck a note out I can see a green or red light circling the Gain on the middle section of the interface but no sound boo!
Thanks for reading this, if there is anyway i could get some tips, I'd appreciate it!
Is your logic channel mono or stereo? Is the input monitor (green button labelled i), and record enable switched on on the channel?

Where are you trying to hear the sound? The built in of your mac? If that's it then you probably don't want the direct monitor on on the interface, although actually that might not affect it at all (sorry, typing as I think).
After turning on the input monitoring, check if the signal meter moves.

If it does but you still don't hear any sound, check your computer's audio output.

If the thing doesn't move, try changing your channel strip's input (default is input 1, you may want input 2)
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Hi Ibrahimasood,

The Scarlett 2i2 is designed to be the sole input & output device for your system. I would suggest you connect some headphones or monitors to your 2i2 for monitoring.

Let me know if you need any further advice.

Best regards,

Neil Marron
Focusrite Technical Support
Neither did I, nonetheless - Hi Neil, tell 'your guys' that we love Focusrite here, and they should totally donate free gear to the mods here

I do actually use two chained Saffire Pro 40's as my main tracking interfaces though

Anyway, I am a Logic Pro 9 user and use Focusrite but here is your problem, TS.

You should not be using 'Built in Output' if you're listening via your interface (how you should be if you are using external speakers or monitors). You want to choose the interface (Scarlett) for both input and output, and connect your speakers to the main output of the interface. Then, anything routed to Output 1-2 in Logic (it's the default setting for any output, so don't worry about that) will go straight to your speakers.

Also, you do not need +48V Phantom Power on to use the instrument inputs - it is for using condenser mics, and any other equipment that requires Phantom Power. While I can't see it harming your guitar in anyway, or indeed most microphones, it seems like good practice to remember it is not necessary when tracking most things.
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Wow, I did not expect to get any of these replies!

I manage to sort it out, thanks alot guys, turns out I just had to tick one box to make it all work!
Thank you so much for all of your help!