Pretty cool track you've got going here man - pretty much covers all the sounds expected in a modern EDM track.

Thought that the build to the drop was good, you didn't do the stereotypical thing of making a giant lowpass filter/drum chainsaw effect that's overused a lot these days.

The drop itself however is just a tad muddy for me - something not quite right with those dirty wobbles (they're just TOO dirty?) I think they just lack some clarity.

Two big things that I feel you could do that would vastly improve this track is to spice up the drum patterns here and there (such as adding percussion is a simple one that makes a big difference!) as well as looking into sidechain compression for the drums which gives modern dubstep/EDM tracks such as these the 'pumping' sound that makes it heavier.

Besides that, it's a neat wee track - mind dropping a comment on mine?: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1610124
Thanks for the critique! You may be right, the bass needs...well, less bass. As for the buildup, that was what I was going for...no giant swooshes and risers for me!

I'll try to add to it and eventually repost it later. So thank you for your feedback and I'll listen and comment on your song as soon as I can!
I don't like TONS of compressor pumping (some can be good for me), though I agree with salamander's comments. Listening on headphones, it didn't seem like too much bass, I wouldn't mind a bit more bass, just not as distorted as mentioned above (though plenty of people obviously like distorted synths more than I do). Overall it is a nice song. Please review my synth music at this link:

Thanks Aaron. I only use compression to control the groove...I hate the whole loudness war thing. And I'll be happy to check out your track!