So I've decided to finally add a fuzz pedal to my pedal board. Now I'm really looking for suggestions to try out at a store in a few days from now. The store has over 100 fuzz pedals and I don't think I can take the time to try each one.

Nonetheless, here is the essential advice needed for these threads.

Budget: $300 CAD (Would prefer less)

Genres: Blues rock/classic rock, so in a sense Rory Gallagher, Joe Bonamassa, Gary Clark Jr., Jimi Hendrix, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, RHCP, Aerosmith (early years) etc.

I don't mind using an octave fuzz and I prefer the sound of germanium transistors over silicon ones.

Nonetheless, I'd really appreciate suggestions.
How about an Arc Effects Big Green? It's about 200$ and it has an outstanding muff tone. Very pink floyd lead tone-ish.
If they have any Devi Ever pedals I suggest you sit down with a few to try out. Possibly one of the best Fuzz pedals from any company
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The difficulty is that fuzzes tend to have a very strong and recognizable tone that fall into distinct categories. You'll find that 90% of the fuzzes fall basically into one of five categories:
-Fuzz face
-Big Muff
-Crazy Freakout Miscellaneous (fuzz factory, devi ever, etc)

I would start by listening to some youtube videos of each of those pedals to figure out which broad camps you like. I can tell you that a Fuzz Face 'is' the Hendrix/Bonamassa pedal, the Big Muff 'is' the Floyd pedal, and the tonebender 'is' the Zeppelin pedal. They all can kinda-sorta do the others, but they're the ones that are strongly associated with those tones. Of the three the Fuzz Face is probably the most versatile circuit in general.

There are a few fuzz pedals that try to do more than one fuzz type, with varying degrees of success. A few pedal makers just shove multiple circuits in one box, which tends to be more successful if a bit more expensive.

To that end, you might find that two $150 pedals cover way more ground than one $300 one, and not necessarily at the cost of sound quality. Don't be afraid to like the cheaper ones. The most expensive part in a fuzz is the case, the actual circuit is about $10 worth of components.
Fuzz face.
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If they have any Devi Ever pedals I suggest you sit down with a few to try out. Possibly one of the best Fuzz pedals from any company

In my experience most of Devi Ever's pedals sound like wet farts.

I recommend you try out a few different pedals and as said before try and test fuzz face, tone bender and muff variants.
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How about an Arc Effects Big Green? It's about 200$ and it has an outstanding muff tone. Very pink floyd lead tone-ish.

Listen to this man. +11111
I've looked up a bit and came up on these:

Blackout Effectors Musket Fuzz
Crazy Tube Circuits Pin Up
DvK Gold Top
Earthquaker Devices Hoof
Zvex Fuzz Factory (Slightly above my budget)

The store doesn't carry Arc Effects pedals.

I've tried the MXR Classic 108 Fuzz and the Big Muff Pi around a year ago and preferred the MXR one a bit more. Granted that I like Pink Floyd a lot, I'm thinking that maybe a Fuzz Face type might be a bit more towards what I'm looking at.
The Fuzz Factory comes in a Vexter version which is the same thing but without the fancy paint job and a ton cheaper, definitely within your budget.

It's a cool pedal but it's all about being unstable and 'so unusable it's usable.' You're not going to be able to turn it on and play a Floyd song with it in the way that you can with a Muff or a Fuzz Face. Well, you could, but the 'regular' fuzz sounds on a Fuzz Factory aren't very good. The whole point of it is to make weird velcro and screechy noises, which is tons of fun but I wouldn't suggest one as your only fuzz pedal.

On the other hand I've remembered how much fun they are and will probably buy one this weekend, so thanks for that

As to your other picks, I've only played the Earthquaker and the Musket (briefly). I don't get along with Earthquaker pedals for some reason but they do make great pedals with a big, boomy voice. The Musket is a fantastic Muff style pedal, much more versatile than a lot of other fuzzes.
^ Well in that case, maybe I'll buy it along with all the other pedals I plan on buying after I save up and drop a few grand on backpacking through Europe in a few years..

Still, I think I might have found one that would suit me a bit. The Earthquaker Devices Hoof Reaper Fuzz. It covers Tonebending and muff style, and because I'm a genius and forgot to add Black Keys to the list, it is sort of the pedal that Dan Auerbach uses.
Wow, I didn't know that existed, that's a monster of a pedal. As I said, the double circuit ones are worth looking at.

Hopefully they have one for you to try out, or at least a Hoof and/or a Tone Reaper you can try separately.
Hoof reaper is wicked as for sure

If you are looking at these big double pedals then also look at the Blackout Effectors Twosome. Just basically their version of a Hoof Reaper with a muff style with the MUSKET and fuzz face (or tonebender, I dunno which one) with the FIX'D FUZZ.

Similar price point, i like the EQD myself however. Your choice man.
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