Okay so I'll start by mentioning that I have no previous experience with effects boards or pedals or anything like that, so the simpler the explanation the better

Tomorrow I'm going to go pick up a new cab and a guitar. At the moment I have an Orange Dark Terror head, and I plan on getting a 2x12 Orange cab to run it through.
I've only recently gotten the Dark Terror, and It's my first tube amp.

Now, I decided I may as well get an effects unit while I'm at it. I'll be paying this stuff off, so if I want to get one I'll have to get one with my guitar and amp.

I've narrowed it down to a Line 6 Pod 400 or a Boss ME70. The only thing I really plan on doing with it is just playing around with the effects for a bit of fun. I was going to get a pedal or two, but I decided if I was going to do that I may aswell just get a unit for the same price.

My questions are, if I was to get one of these, would I run it straight in to the amp or would I run it in to the effects loop? Also, would it be a waste of time to buy one of these if I have a tube amp? I really have no idea what either of them are capable of or what exactly they are for, I'm pretty much a beginner when it comes to this stuff and all I want to do is have a bunch of effects to play around with as my amp doesn't have anything like that.

Any help is appreciated!
The boss ME70 only have an in and out, so it would either be straight into the fx loop or infront. I would say that if you ran it through the loop, stuff like the wah wah sounds utterly poo. I believe that if you were to go for a better model of the boss stuff like the gt10? you can run it on a 4 wire system so you have can use all the delay/chorusy stuff through the loop and other stuff up front. I'm not sure about the POD 400, I'm sure other people will have more to say on this.

Another this to say with the Boss is the overdrive stuff will be pretty much useless to you with a dark terror, I recently picked up a dark terror and the amp wipes the floor with it in regards to overdriven tones. Also I found that the preamp stuff that the ME70 like the lead stack and rectifier stuff sounded really really horrible. The only preamp I could use was the clean setting effect which playing clean to get it sounding a bit more sparkly.

I am not sure if the POD can use patches, but the patches is the best part of the Boss in my opinion. You can set up a patch for each of the stomp boxes and set it up how you like with the effects all turning on on one switch. (Ie. leave footswitch 1 as raw amp, foot switch two with some delay and bit of boost for a lead sound, etc etc.)

I would say you can definitely get something better. For example the GT10 I mentioned earlier that you can run on a 4 wire system is only £24 more expensive on GAK at the moment and I would guess that would be much more versatile for you needs.
Sadly, I am hire purchasing/financing the stuff that I'm getting, and there's only one shop that has the guitar I want. Where I live the music shops have a pretty poor selection, so after I factor in prices (both the Pod and the M70 are on clearance so they're cheap) they're the only ones I have to choose from really. If I was buying up front I'd buy online and have a much bigger selection, sadly I can't do that ><
My main concern was whether or not there's a point in buying a highly digital effects system if I'm running it through a tube amp, I don't really want to kill the sound that I'm getting from my Dark Terror
I don't think it will kill the sound of your dark terror no and as a starter I think the ME70 is fairly good for all the on board effects you can get with it, alot of them are very useable and will give you a great selection of sounds in 1 box. The over drive effects are the worst part of the unit and you wont be using them with a dark terror so shouldn't matter at all.

Unfortunately I have no experience with the pod unit but a brief look at it looks fairly good. Can you not take your gear with yuou and test them both out>?
Has to be ordered in, they will charge a fee for everything you ask them to order so I have to pick one or the other. I think I'm going to go for the Pod and just turn the amp modelling off. I like the tone I have from the Dark Terror so I don't really care about what other amp sounds I can get.
I highly recommend a Zoom G3 over a Boss ME70 if they can order that instead. I used an ME50, loved it, and the 70 disappointed me so much A-B'ing it with my ME50 I returned it and still have the ME50. Which has been gathering dust the 2 years since I bought the G3. Put all three in front of me (50 and G3 in front of me right now) and I'm gonna take the G3. It's also half the price and even easier to use.

That's my .02
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