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Last week my favourite semi-accoustic guitar (Epiphone Riviera P93) fell out of my guitar strap straight onto the ground. Leaving a little crack in the lower body, after this horrifying event I decided to look into a strap lock solution. I got a pair of Schaller Security Locks, but the problem is that I glued in the original bottom strap button with quite a bit of Pattex glue about a month ago, because it came loose. I haven't tried to get the screw back out because I'm not sure if it will ever come loose again without damaging the guitar. Has anyone had any experience with this?

Thanks in advance.
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If you can not get the screw out, you can get something like the planet waves locking strap.
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You can try melting the glue with a heat gun or a soldering iron to loosen it up.

That's really all you can do besides drilling it out or twisting so hard you break the the seal.
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Just unscrew it, don't think theres any way any glue would hold up against the torque
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Just use a rubber washer around the strap button on top of the strap. I use that on almost all my guitars and never had a problem. I bought a fifteen pack for around 5 bucks on ebay. I just checked on ebay look up black rubber guitar washers you get ten for five bucks.
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