Hey everybody , Im Mike and I'd like to share with you some guitar rig 5 signature sounds.
Download here :
Dont forget to read the "read me" file

Presets and songs :

1)Machine Head - Davidian
2)Lamb of god - Black label
3)Mastodon - Blood & thunder
4)Sepultura - Arise
5)Pantera - A new level
6)Slayer - Dead skin mask
7)Manowar - The gods made heavy metal
8)Godsmack - I stand alone
9)In flames - Crawl through knives
10)Textures - Laments of an icarus
11)Dimmu Borgir - Blessings upon the throne of tyranny
12)Cannibal Corpse - Hammered smashed face

my fb page : facebook.com/mikeconspisranoios
my bands page : facebook.com/conspiranoiaband

Cheers and enjoy \m/
Hey that's pretty cool, they all still sound too compressed though. And I wouldn't be proud of myself for having Pantera's tone, one of the best worst produced bands ever. I'm importing the Mastodon tone for my own use
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