Recently I heard the term butt rock and I didnt know what it meant. So I googled it and found lots of different definitions. This one was by far the most helpful but it didn't really give a definition. I wanted to discuss it but I was to lazy to make an account there so here I am Some other places I looked are here and here

So far I've seen lots of different definitions so I'll list some of the different definitions by how they are defined.

By Lyrics
1. Appealing towards blue collar workers i.e.
2. About being a 'hardass' i.e. getting high, strings of one night stands
3. Romanticized
4. Angsty, Nostalgic

By garb
1. Tight pants sometimes ripped or leather emphasizing the butt or the genitalia(which is where people say **** rock came from)
2. Hair- lots of hairspray/ long hair/ bleached/ dyed black/ etc.

By emergence
1. 70s - AC/DC, Journey
2. 80s- Kip Winger, Motley Creu
3. 90s - Pearl Jam, Nirvana, Creed

By Vocals
1. Rasping

I'm concerned because someone in one definition in urban dicitonary, someone said that these bands were 'using a raspy voice to hide the fact that they have no vocal talent'. Mind you I do not like any of the bands that were mentioned in any of the discussions or anywhere else regarding butt rock but I do like rasping (e.g. mushroomhead). So besides defining what butt rock is I was wondering if people do not like rasping itself for some reason.

Disclaimer- I'm only 18 so I'm sorry I don't know most of the bands that are mentioned in the discussions and in ubd I do know the more popular ones I guess and the more recent ones.
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It's just stupid, stupid rock.

Basically Nickleback is the epitome of buttrock.
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So then Creed would be considered butt rock....Theory of a Deadman too. Black Stone Cherry, i'm trying to think of more. I wonder what the major "butt rock" bands of the last few decades were. Like who was our dads' Nickelback?
Butt Rock, or buttrawk as I like to type it, is essentially the bland, commercialized, often cheesy, lowest-common denominator radio rock. It's uncreative and formulaic. Generally, the bands will have no distinctive sound or talent to set them apart from any of their contemporaries. You rarely hear a guitar solo, or at least a good one, come from a buttrawk band.

Examples: Nicklesuck, Theory of a Suckman, Creed (hard to put suck in a one syllable name), and similar bands.

Out of bands mentioned in this thread, some of them are NOT buttrawk. For example:
Pearl Jam and Nirvana - NOT buttrawk. The grunge era set the stage for "buttrawk" in some ways, but what buttrawk bands do is take the lowest-common denominators of that era and regurgitate them in uncreative, bland ways.

A modern band listed in this thread, Black Stone Cherry, isn't what I'd consider buttrawk...at least yet. Their first two albums were really solid, good modern rock. Good riffs, some nice guitar work, and lyrical content that wasn't cheesy or forced. However, their third album came along and it was noticeably a step towards the buttrawk sound. There was still some guitar riffs and solos that were reminiscent of their first two efforts, but the lyrical content was just a letdown, and a step towards buttrawk. "White Trash Millionaire" and "Blame It On the Boom Boom" are obvious examples of this.
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3 Doors Down, Three Days Grace, Five Finger Death Punch, Daughtry, Fuel, Hinder, POD, Seether, Stained, The Calling, and My Darkest Days can be added to the list.
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I always thought Butt Rock was when the band's target audience was white middle class women and teenage girls and the term came about because lead singer always wore tight jeans.

Like, Bon Jovi is the ultimate Butt Rock band.