So I just unlocked the magic of Stereo Guitar playing. I love it that much I've actually wrote a song about it haha.

I only have one amp, so I split the signal through my mutli fx pedal and have the output USB to my laptop and output to my headphones to play the signals.

It's something that a lot of guitarists do live e.g. The Edge, so I was wondering what' the go to for a live two signal guitar player?

I understand you'd need two amps but how would you position them? Right next to each other or a few meters apart for best effect?

Any tips with signal splitting would also be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.
The farther apart they are the more stereo separation you get. How much separation you want depends on your taste and requirements. Of course you're going to run into some practical limitations, like the amount of cable you want to run and the amount of space you have onstage.

Other than that, there's not much to it. You just run one cable out of the A output of your multi-fx and one out of the B, one to each amp. If you've got individual stereo pedals you have to mess around a bit more but it's still not rocket science.

If you're running into a stereo PA you'd just mic left/right and send to the proper channel, and beyond mic bleed it doesn't matter how far away the amps are from each other.
sweet. im going to buy another amp soon but not sure i'm to buy same amp or different.
I like the idea of having a vox and fender amp but am wondering if that will sound weird?
vox and fender, should be fine i'm guessing.
Currently I'm doing stereo guitar with a marshall vintage modern and a egnator rebel 30 twin.

pretty cool sounds can be achieved.

i bought a radial splitter for something like $80, and it takes away any extra hum that the circuit produces.
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