Hi, I wasn't able to find any basic posts (probably because I have no idea whats going on) about the basics of guitar, e.g what things are called, and chords and stuff. I am a die hard fan of blues rock/ psychedelic rock and wanted to learn to become the best. It may be a long road, but I'm ready to give it my all.
if you really don't feel like even attempting to figure it out for yourself, you'd better hire a teacher. there are tons of beginner lessons on the internet, just go on youtube.
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Choosing a single link to post is tough. : ) There is so much out there for beginners to look at. I'm sure not all of it is correct, but as far as just learning the basics (such as the names of the parts on a guitar), there are plenty of articles out there. Google searching something like, "Electric guitar lessons for beginners" is a good place to start.
That being said, some people find it extremely helpful to have a guitar teacher to guide them in the right direction. Personally, I find that even if I know I should be studying something, I need a "professional" to tell me that it's worthwhile before I actually practice it. If you love the guitar like many people, then spending the effort to find a tutorial (and/or teacher) that suits your wants and needs is well worth it. Good luck!
Here's the lesson's that I first used (more or less). They aren't just for electric, but it shouldn't matter a whole lot. This may or may not be great information, read at your own risk! : )
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Youtube, search on google. If you can afford some money, get a good teacher. Prerequisites: A guitar, IQ above 20.
Get someone to show you the basics. Youtube videos can't tell if you have a technique problem. Lessons are not incredibly expensive, especially if you just want some fundamentals. Most guitar shops that aren't guitar center have perfectly good basic lessons to get you started. You may also want to keep an eye out at your local store for free clinics. Back in my younger days, my local guitar shop had clinics all the time. From local session players to somewhat big names, Stanley Clarke had a bass clinic there. Once you are comfortable there, spin off on your own and try some discovery learning.
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Check out this link : http://justinguitar.com/

The videos are clear and there are a lot for free. Hard copy materials are also available at a cost.
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